The project envisions the creation and transfer of an innovative mechatronic system B&M-Vibe and the related technology designed to solve complex situations in the rehabilitation process, to the economic partner TEHNOMET in order to increase its competitiveness.
B&M-Vibe stimulates the neuronal and myogenic mechanisms for muscular strength increase as well as mineral bone density increase and is recommended for osteoporosis, decondition syndrome and muscular and skeleton disabilities.
The economic partner is a large enterprise equipped with cutting edge technology but it cannot financially support a new R&D technologies sector that would allow to sustain the rhythm imposed by competition and the increasing exigency requirements of the commodity market. The project envisages how to achieve the interconnection between existing expertise in universities and leading technology of the economic agent as to develop, improve and optimize it in order to produce new, competitive products.
This highly scientific level of technology transfer is achieved from PUB (technological engineering expertise) and from cdumpb (medical expertise) towards TEHNOMET that possess superior technical endowment.
Other results of the project: improvement of master and doctoral students training; efficient transfer of scientific know-how to the market; entrepreneurial skills acquiring and development of PUB and CDUMPB researchers; development of a research result validation methodology at the economic agent; increasing the market recognition of all partners through dissemination and patenting of the technical solutions; increasing the economic performance of the industrial partner by broadening the products and technologies’ portfolio; increase the turnover of TEHNOMET through priority induction on the market of an improved product with new, superior qualities and at competitive price; ease of the recovery therapy, by applying a non-invasive, clean and innovative method.


Primary Objective

The primary objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the economic partner through transfer of knowledge from the research partners (PUB and CDUMPB) on creating and transferring to the economic partner (TEHNO) of an innovative mechatronic system and its related technology intended for solving complex situations in the rehabilitation process.

General Objectives

1. Combine PUB and CDUMPB expertise in researching the rehabilitation field with the needs of the industrial manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment;

2. Engage and training, at the high level of the industrial partner, of the young master and PhD students from PUB and CDUMPB so as to become future researchers and specialists in the field of multidisciplinary integrated systems for medical rehabilitation;

3. To continue developing the cooperation between PUB and CDUMPB on one hand, and TEHNO on the other hand, in direct response to market needs and social requirements. As a result of this cooperation will achieve efficient transfer of scientific knowledge to the market;

4. Collect and develop entrepreneurial skills of the researchers from CDUMPB and PUB through direct contact with industrial activity and market requirements.

Specific measurable goals

1. The development of a new system for rehabilitation therapies;

2. Creating, directly at the industrial partner TEHNO, a complex of mechatronic systems and high-end scientific and technical technologies;

3. Preparation of students and doctoral students from PUB and CDUMPB into mechatronic rehabilitation systems design and implementation through biannual training courses at the economic partner, closed through research reports;

4. Develop, at TEHNO, a methodology to validate the research results;

5. Ease of the rehabilitation therapy, using a non-invasive, clean and innovative method;

6. Large scale dissemination of project results through publications, online presentations and specialty conferences / seminars, patents etc.



The project is executed under Contract 105BG/2016, resulting in an R&D financing, following the winning of PN-III-P2-2.1-BG - Improving the Competitiveness of Romanian economy through research, development and innovation,, launched by UEFISCDI in 2016.



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